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Master Guard®
Wall Up Masonry Wall Coating

Win the battle against damp walls

Even well built structure can develop hair lines cracks in concrete or masonry walls. Those small cracks can lead to constant dampness or develop active leakes. Wall-Up Masonry Wall Coating provides a durable, protective waterproof coating that holds up against moisture. Designed for interior or exterior application, above-grade or below-grade, Wall-Up forms an extremely flexible armor that moves with your wall. Even at sub zero temperatures. This seamless coating fights water seepage on a wide variety of surfaces, including masonry block walls, cynder block, brick, poured concrete insulated concrete forms (ICF), and some pre-treated plywood.


  • Superior waterproofing inside and out
  • 300% elongation for exceptional flexibility
  • Water-based formula for easy clean-up
  • VOC compliance

Formulated with acrylic resins, Wall-Up applies easily with a sprayer, roller, or paintbrush. On exterior above-grade surfaces, cover Wall-Up with Master Guard® Wall-Kote Exterior Coating. On interior walls, cover Wall-Up with Show Kote® Interior Paint.

Wall-Up Meets requirements for many HUD-FHA Projects

Numerous Department of Housing and Urban Development-Federal Housing Administration insuring offices have determined that Wall-Up Masonry Wall Coating meets their damp proofing and water proofing requirements for masonry wall foundations. To find out it Wall-Up has met your area's requirements, check with your local HUD-FHA office.