ACool Coating Systems Inc.
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About Acool Coating Systems Inc

Acool Coating Systems Inc. is what we call an evolved company. The owner Clarence Simmons has a 25 year history of metal, commercial, and industrial building construction prior to a 17 year coating history. This experience gives us the knowledge that other coating companies lack. We know how buildings move and to look for the built in leaks. ( leaks that others have not stopped or can’t find) We can tell you if you have a poorly erected building or just an ageing one.

Here at Acool Coating Systems Inc. we believe our work shows our integrity. Our intent is to provide our clients with solutions for leaking or aging roofs that are cost-effective. Conklin’s roof products give us the opportunity to provide our Clients with multiple roof solutions.

We are warranty trained and stay updated with Conklin products. Conklin’s products have tested and proven to be among the best, if not considered the best in the roofing industry. These are the reasons we are able to give such extensive warranties on our labor and products.

We view our clients as lifelong acquaintances not just a single job. We strive to educate them on their roofs’ present condition and its forth coming maintenance.