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White Roofs Reflect - Black Roofs Absorb

Highly refelctive "cool" roofs are having their day in the sun. During the warmest weather, studies have indicated that they lower roof temperature by up to 40% and decrease the amount of head transferred into a building's interior. That helps reduce energy needs for cooling, and using less energy not only saves money, it also reduces the amount of pollutants released into the atmosphere.

Reduce Cooling Expense By Up To 30%

The average roof absorbs a large portion of the sun's ultraviolet rays as heat. Conklin's white SPF roofing system reflects 84% of the sun's heat, cooling your building and saving you as much as 30 percent in air conditioning costs.

Recoup Your Costs

A great return on investment is another important reason to install Conkling's SPF Roofing System. Many satisfied building owners discover that a Conklin roof pays for itself during the warranty period in lower air conditioning costs. Federal tax rebates, tax credits and deductions may also offset your investment.

Look Forward to Years of Trouble-free Protection and Low Maintenance

Conklin SPF Roofing Systems provide leak-free protection and exceptional energy savings for years, often exceeding the warranty period. They maintain maximum reflectivity and energy savings because their surfaces are resistant to dirt and discoloration. Annual or bi-annual cleaning is all that's needed to keep them white.

Eleminate Future Roof Tear-offs

Years from now, when it's time to renew the superior protection of your Conklin roof, a simple recoat will do the job. In most cases, multiple recoats can be done for the entire life of your roof, saving you the expense of a new roof. With your recoat, our material warranty may also be extended several years. ACool Coating Systems will insepct your roof and advise you of the best way to restore the protective envelope of your building.

Conklin is charter member of the Energy Star Roofing Products Program

Conklin’s light-colored roofing systems have eamed the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR designation for keeping structures cool while doing an outstanding job of protecting against leaks. Highly reflective roof surfaces reduce surrounding temperatures and extend the life of the roof by years. Thousands of Conklin roofing customers can attest to lower air-conditioning bills and less wear and tear on their cooling systems.

Proven Performance

Conklin was one of the first companies to manufacture white, acrylic roof coating systems in the 1970's and continues to develop some of the most innovative and sustainable roof coatings on the market. With over two billion square feet of roofing applied and thousands of satisfied customers, Conklin has changed the face of the roofing industry. ACool Coating System contractors are specially trained to apply your roof with skill and precision to protect your building for decades.

Benchmark Tests

When the Florida Solar Energy Center decided to conduct a demonstration of the energy saings resulting from light-colored roofs, they looked for a product they believed would lower cooling costs during the hot Florida summer. The product they selected was Conklin's Benchmark roof coating. Benchmark was applied to the roofs of seven retail shops in a Cocoa, Florida strip mall. The results of the demonstration showed a 25.3% average reduction in cooling energy among the seven shops. Individual savings ranged from 13% to 48%.